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Lowrider Girls Add More Sparkle Than A Coat Of Chrome

As long as their lipstick doesn't clash!

Cars and babes go hand in hand as far as red-blooded male car lovers are concerned. What more can a guy want? Owning a spectacular, lowered, hotter-than-hell automobile and with a busty, curvy, micro-shorts wearin' lady by your side, this is a dream you never want to wake up from! Lowrider girls provide more than simply eye candy; they are the ultimate accessory every guy wants for his car, perhaps even more than a 24 carat gold hood ornament. Some of the hottest glamour models around are recruited for car shows, lifestyle exhibitions and automotive contests. Lowrider girls are like the icing on the cake, bringing men who may not have considered cars as a passion, closer to the chrome for a better look.

The history of lowriding harks back to the 1940's and the ethnic customization of cars to reflect individuality. This began in Mexico and as such, is still seen as something borrowed from that country's culture. Exotic latina lowrider girls are probably the ones with the highest 'pedigree' in terms of keeping the Mexican lowrider symbolism alive, but coming a close second is African American ladies who feature prolifically in rap and hip hop music videos, in dance numbers with a chronically lowered car as the centerpiece. Rap artist Snoop Dogg not only uses lowriders as gimmicks for his art, but he also owns close to a dozen of them himself, and drives them for the sheer enjoyment of it. Keeping his self-styled "pimp" image on a rapid boil, Snoop surrounds himself with women clad in leather and lace, lingerie and the occasional bikini … all to promote his image as a ladies' dude when in fact, he's a devoted family man. But never mind that, he and his "ho's" do for lowriders what Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis did for fighter planes; make every man want one, of course!

Lowrider girls rake in the money by draping themselves over shiny hoods. Event organizers offer top dollar in order to boost the testosterone-charged attendance even more than the cars themselves do. Whether the men feel that the stunning women are unattainable but the cars are not, is one of the games that make it beyond fun for them to attend these shows. Many male-oriented sports events feature scantily clad women to draw the crowds. Think of the pit babes at the Grand Prix, prancing around the track holding up chequered flags and delivering beers to private box holders. Or what about the Divas of WWE who go skin to skin with each other for the mischievous enjoyment of the males in the audience? And then there were the lady Gladiators. What good is testosterone without women, after all?

Among the vast international network of lowrider aficionados, it's understood that the exaggerated curves of the female form serve to enhance the smooth lines of the metal bodywork, not detract from them. All they ask is that, heaven forbid, the color of a lowrider girl's lipstick doesn't clash with the duco on the car!

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