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Lowrider Mini Trucks - The New Ground Zero

Taking hot looks and high performance to new lows

Step aside all you aggressive 4WD owners, your bigger-is-better philosophy is not welcome around these guys. Lowrider mini trucks are the way to go if you want to join the how-low-can-you-go club; just ask the fanatics, who know it's not the machine with the biggest dimensions that scores the most points, it's who can go closest to reaching Ground Zero - without actually bottoming out. Lowrider mini trucks are the vehicles of choice for a whole generation of motorheads whose cool factor is only as high as their beast's suspension is low.

When a manufacturer rolls its brand new product off the assembly line, there's nothing unusual about the suspension. It meets industry standards and that's all the buyer needs to know. In the greased-up hands of lovers of lowrider mini trucks, however, the standard issue system is upgraded with high performance suspension gear before they'll be proud to be seen in their truck. They'll argue that it improves road handling and manoeuvrability but don't be fooled. Even a novice can see that a truck that's had the benefit of a lowering kit looks leaner and meaner.

The enhancements don't stop there. The most ordinary, white bread version of any make of truck, once lowered, can inspire decoration of the most exotic kind. It's often been said that any car painted red goes faster than its green, yellow, blue or black counterparts. So it goes with lowrider mini trucks and the custom paint jobs that they receive. Wave an airbrush over the exterior and it automatically takes on a new magical appeal. Some owners go for a design that matches their personality, others reflect current trends and still others have pictures of their favorite sporting heroes painted right onto the duco, as though their mini truck were a gallery-on-wheels of celebrity photos.

Mini they may be in stature, but do not underestimate the power that these babies are instilled with. Owners of lowrider mini trucks aren't satisfied just with good looks. A shopping list for engine enhancements reads like a NASA specification list for the space shuttle! The budget is always stretched further when the newest gadget arrives on the market. Stop off at any major car and truck show and you'll see the latest developments in technology to make your truck go faster, burn less gas and make a greater overall impression. You'll find out what a bumpstop is and why it makes a huge difference to the performance of the suspension; and you'll learn about how a mini truck's body weight factors into how far it can be lowered. Kind of like a human being, really.

If you are a non-believer and you still feel that lowrider mini trucks should come in a box labelled "batteries not included", keep your opinion to yourself until you've checked them out in the flesh, and seen and heard about the work that goes into them. It's not only good things that come in small packages; it's fast, fierce and feisty things too!

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